About Us

Our Company was incorporated on April 26, 2005 as a Private Limited Company under the name "GCM Commodity & Derivatives Private Limited". Subsequently, our Company was converted into a public limited company and received the Fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated June 14, 2013 issued by the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal and the name was changed to "GCM Commodity & Derivatives Limited".

We are currently engaged in the business of investing in National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) Investment Products for arbitrage opportunities and commodity broking. Our Company provides commodity broking facilities through its membership of NSEL. Our Company become the Trading-cum-Clearing member of National Spot Exchange Limited and started the commodity broking business in May 2013.In the past our Company was engaged in the business of Commodity and Equity Trading.

NSEL Investment Products offer a unique low risk high return investment opportunity in the commodities market for Indian resident investors. Add to this the short term nature of the commodity contracts, they score extremely high on the liquidity parameter. As new contracts are traded everyday on the NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited), these products are available virtually on tap and provide investors with easy entry and exit opportunities. The NSEL investment product besides providing a new regular income stream, also aids in portfolio diversification. Currently our entire NSEL operations are carried at our Corporate Office at Mumbai.

To further expand the business, we also plan to take the Membership of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) out of the proceeds of the IPO.

1. Amalesh Sadhu - Chairman & Managing Director
2. Inder Chand Baid - Non-Executive Director
3.Laxmi Narayan Sharma - Independent Director
4. Mahavir Prasad Saraswat - Independent Director
5. Swagata Dasgupta - Independent Director

1. Indrajeet Bhagat - Chief Financial Officer
2. Neha Sharma - Company Secretary & Compliance Officer